Contact Me

I can be reached via any number of platforms … Slack, Teams, email, voice or video conference. As a general rule, I am available if I am online. If you are already enrolled in one of my courses then DM me in Slack and I will respond. I will try to reply to email and voice messages as soon as possible but certainly no more than 24 hours after receipt. If you prefer a video conference (and who doesn’t?) please ping me with some convenient days/times and we’ll set it up.

My office hours are subject to change pretty much every semester so please check your course syllabus for my current office hours. I generally schedule at least one hour a week using Google+ to accommodate those who have a conflict with my scheduled office hours. If you are unavailable to meet in my office, you can schedule an appointment for a F2F meeting or we can set up a video conference via Skype or Google+. I prefer video conferences because they give me more options when answering your questions.

That said, I do try to carve out some space for thoughtful consideration of life. The practical impact of that desire is to keep evenings and weekends clear for family, friends and other forms of social interaction. If you going to ping me late on a Friday then I will get back to you on Monday unless it is an emergency … a REAL emergency.

So, you ask, what are the variety of contact points where you can reach me? You can reach me by completing the form below or use email (john DOT shannon AT shu DOT edu), Skype (shannojh), Google+ or Twitter. Please DM me in Slack or Teams if you are already enrolled in one of my courses.

When communicating with me please include the following information: your name, the question or issue to be resolved, your course/section and any other necessary information.

And, finally, my office snail mail address is:

Seton Hall University

  • Stillman School of Business, 651 Jubilee Hall, South Orange, NJ 07079
  • Tel: 973 DOT 761 DOT 9516