Hello everyone!What's Next? This is the best place to begin if you are thinking about enrolling or have decided to enroll in one of my courses. This site contains all of the information you will need to review about my courses including course syllabi. You will also find my perspective about teaching and learning, policies about deliverables and their assessment, attendance and participationplagiarism and other information. If you are considering enrolling in a web-based course I suggest that you review the Online Courses page while evaluating a web-based learning environment. I have developed this site to provide you with one location to answer as many questions as you might have about my courses. It will give you a clear sense of my expectations when you engage in a learning environment that we will explore together.

I look forward to working with you! Please email me at john DOT shannon AT shu DOT edu if you can't find an answer or if you have any questions.

JH Shannon

Easter Break Begins OnApril 9, 2020
11 days to go.

N.B. Some sections of ShannonWeb continue to be updated... please know there may be a hew broken links or other inconveniences!